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UV Fiber laser Daytona, 20W at 355nm


Daytona dramatically scales the throughput and quality of many laser micromachining applications by achieving higher repetition frequencies beyond 2 MHz with useful pulse energies and simultaneously providing access to a new pulse duration range of 1 to 20 ns that bridges the gap between nanosecond and picosecond-class lasers. The Daytona’s novel all-fiber architecture is extremely flexible, allowing pulse duration adjustability to 20 ns at any repetition rate over an extremely wide repetition range from single shot to 10s of MHz.

Key Features

  • High average power: >20W at 1 MHz, 355 nm
  • Extremely wide repetition rate range: Single-shot to >2 MHz with energy stability <5% rms 1σ.
  • Pulse duration Adjustable from 1-20 ns at any repetition rate
  • TEMoo M2 <1.3
  • THG crystal shifter with 75 pre-qualified crystal spots; >300 hours/spot lifetime
  • 1-year warranty / 5,000 hour warranty

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