Identifinder R200

2015-11-22 Ny kompakt nuklididentifierare från FLIR

Ny handburen nuklididentifierare SAM 945 från BNC

2014-08-12 New handheld nuclide identifier from BNC

Instrument för Utbildning

2013-10-15 Ny produktserie för att simulera kontaminering

AAA Highest Credit Worthiness

2013-06-28 Gammadata Instrument AB is credit worthy according to Soliditet's credit assessment system.

Next Generation of Dosimetry

2013-04-05 Do you work with x-ray machines, cyclotrons or other equipment that generates ionizing radiation? Are you tired of waiting for several weeks before you know the truth?

Linseis Thermal Analysis New Product

2013-04-02 Now available High Pressure HP-TGA-DSC (STA Simultaneous Thermal Analysis)

New Multi-Channel Lock-in Amplifier from Signal Recovery

2013-03-26 The Signal Recovery Model 7210 provides a different dimension to lock-in Amplifier design.

New QExtra Technology Improves Quantum Efficiency and Reduces Etaloning Effects

2013-03-15 HORIBA Scientific is pleased to announce QExtra, Quantum Efficiency Enhancing CCD Technology